Local authorities in the Kulob region of Khatlon province have taken tough measures to make residential customers pay for electricity.  Thus, the Kulob Power Distribution Network just cuts off electricity supply to settlements, 20 percent of residents of which have electricity debts.

In Vose and some other districts of the Kulob region there is low rate of the collection of funds from the public for electricity, and therefore, the head of the Kulob Power Distribution Network has reportedly ordered to cut off electricity supply to several villages.  

Residents of some villages had no electricity for a whole day, while residents of other villages did not have electricity for two-three days.    

Resident of the village named after Hasan Qurbonov in Vose district, Abduqahhor Latipov told Asia-Plus in an interview that electricity supply to their village was cut off on November 29.  

According to him, they called the duty shift of local power grids several times, but no one answered the call. 

“That evening and all night the mobile phone of the head of the Vose electrical network D. Nourov was also switched off,” Latipov said.  

The population of the village named after Hasan Qurbonov is 6,000 people.  In addition to electricity rationing, they and residents of some other villages of the district were forced to remain without electricity – some for a day, some for three days.  

Meanwhile, employees of local power distribution network say their branch in Vose district does not have enough electricians who could personally turn off electricity to all debtors.  Therefore, it is easier to disconnect the high-voltage line leading into the village itself.