473.841 marriage certificates were issued in Tajikistan last year, which is 9,663 certificates or 2.0 percent more than in 2022, Ms. Saodatbibi Sirojzoda, the head of the Justice Ministry Registry Office, told reporters in Dushanbe on February 15.  

“109 cases of marriage with foreign citizens were registered last year,” Ms. Sirojzoda said.  

At the same time the number of divorces decreased last year by 26 percent, she noted.

Justice Minister Muzaffar Ashouriyon, however, noted that although the number of divorces decreased in the country, it still remains high.  

“Our ministry is carrying out a lot of work to prevent divorces, organшzing meetings and conversations with young families.   We are still not happy with this number of divorces, work needs to be stepped up in this direction,” the minister said.   

The Registry Office head further noted that 242, 697 births of children were registered in the country last year.   

“For the first time in recent years, more boys than girls were born in Tajikistan last year – more than 125,000 against 117,000,” she added.  

Compared to 2022, the birth rate last year reportedly increased by 4.3 percent. 

Meanwhile, the number of underage marriages has increased in Tajikistan despite increased legal age to wed. 

Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, reported on January 23 that according to Tajik human rights ombudsman Suhaili Qodiri, more than 4,000 people married at the age of 17 with a court's approval in Tajikistan in 2022.  The number reportedly marks a significant rise from 2018 when registry offices recorded some 2,500 underage marriages.

In 2010, Tajikistan raised the minimum age for marriage from 17 to 18.  Authorities said the move was to protect women's rights and ensure their well-being.  The government also warned religious figures not to conduct a "nikah" to anyone below 18.

Tajiks, however, can still marry at 17 with a court's permission, Radio Ozodi said, noting that official statistics show that underage marriages with court permission have rising steadily in Tajikistan in recent years.