The leaders of the London summit of the financial G20 worked out the final communique of 29 points. All of them are exclusively economic.

In this document the meeting participants promised to restore the atmosphere of confidence on world markets, economic growth and jobs.

They stated the intention to correct the financial system so that to return activity to credit markets. The leaders set the task to strengthen the system of financial regulation and restore confidence on financial markets. The heads of state and government of the G20 promised to additionally finance and reform international financial institutions in order to overcome the current crisis and to prevent similar crises in the future.

The summiteers also promised to promote in every possible way the intensification of the global trade and investment policy and stated that they reject protectionism. Besides, they stated the intention to ensure sustainable development of the world economy.

The world leaders stated that they are undertaking an unprecedented financial expansion that will preserve or create millions of jobs. This expansion will result by the end of next year in the total of 5 trillion US dollars in measures to stimulate the economy, which will make it possible to increase industrial output volumes by 4 percent and accelerate the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy.