Congress in Honduras has voted against the reinstatement of ousted President Manuel Zelaya for the remainder of his term which ends in January, the Honduran media reported.

According to the reports, over two-thirds of 126 lawmakers present at a special session of the Honduran unicameral parliament on Wednesday voted against Zelaya''s temporary reinstatement.

Zelaya was bundled out of the country in late June by the Honduran military, with parliament Speaker Roberto Micheletti taking over the presidency.

The ousted president secretly returned to the country on September 21 and took refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.

Zelaya has said "the Congress, which supported the coup, has no authority [to take a decision] concerning my reinstatement."

Meanwhile, presidential elections were held in the country on Sunday, with Porfirio Lobo of the Honduran opposition National Party declared the winner.

Many countries and international bodies gave warning that they would not recognize the election if the polls were held under Micheletti''s presidency, but Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and the United States, which had condemned the coup, have accepted the results.