Inamullah Habibi Samangani, deputy central spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), tweeted today that Maulawi Abdul Kabir, Deputy Chairman of the Taliban Cabinet for Political Issues, has met with Vladimir Skurikhin, Russia’s Vertical Group CEO, and Aleksandr Kalachyov, Chairman of the Helicopter Repair Company, at Sapidar Palace in Kabul.

According to Samangani, Skurikhin and Kalachyov have assured the Taliban of their readiness to cooperate on repairing the Russian-made helicopters in Afghanistan, delivering spare parts and training technical personnel.  

For his part, Maulawi Abdul Kabir, reportedly noted that “security is provided favorable conditions are created for foreign investments in Afghanistan better than ever.” 

Vertical-T is the Russian rotorcraft operator.  Founded in March 1992, Vertical-T has grown into one of Russia’s largest commercial operators of rotorcraft.  It operates inside Russia and in foreign countries.  The company’s fleet is made up of Mil helicopters, models Mi-8P, Mi-8T, Mi-MTV, Mi-8AMT and Mi-26.