Poland will form an engineer battalion and deploy it in the city of Augustów near the border with Belarus.

Media reports say the announcement was made by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

The main task of the newly formed battalion will be to protect Poland's eastern border and the so-called Suwalki corridor.  

Meanwhile, Reuters reported on July 20 that the Wagner PMC (Private Military Company) mercenaries have been training Belarus Special Forces near Polish border

Mercenaries from Russia's Wagner Group have started to train Belarusian Special Forces at a military range just a few kilometers from the border with NATO-member Poland, the Belarusian defense ministry said on July 20.

According to Reuters, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was shown in a video on July 19 welcoming his fighters to Belarus, telling them they would take no further part in the Ukraine war for now but ordering them to gather their strength for Africa while they trained the Belarusian army.

"The armed forces of Belarus continue joint training with the fighters of the Wagner PMC," the Belarusian defense ministry said.

"During the week, special operations forces units together with representatives of the Company will work out combat training tasks at the Brest military range."

The range is reportedly just five kilometers east of the Polish border.

Minsk posted pictures of masked Wagner instructors, their faces covered in accordance with the mercenary group's rules, training Belarusian soldiers with armored vehicles and what appear to be drone controls.

Poland, which has been a full member of the U.S.-led military alliance since 1999, reportedly began moving over 1,000 troops to the east of the country earlier this month amid rising concern that Wagner fighters in Belarus could lead to increased tension on its border.