Customs officers have seized more than 60 pieces of precious stones (diamonds) at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, according to Russia’s Federal Customs Service.

An inspection of passengers on the flight from the United Arab Emirates to Moscow (UAE) to Moscow found 13 different boxes of "Apple", "Samsung" and "Sony" products in bags of Uzbek national.

Also, 40 certificates for precious stones were found, but the most interesting thing was not in his bags, but in his underwear, as the person hid 62 pieces of precious stones (diamonds) in his underwear, and the jewels were packed in 3 plastic bags.

After the inspection, the man explained that he was an employee of one of the major Emirati airlines, and he was visiting Moscow for his relatives, and indicated that he was not fully aware of the customs rules, and the precious stones were only a gift, and he believed that their value did not exceed 1.5 million Russian rubles. 

Meanwhile, Russian customs officers have valued the confiscated diamonds at more than 5 million Russian rubles.  

A criminal case was filed against the man for smuggling goods and resources of strategic importance, and he was imprisoned.