The first meeting of the Working Group (WG) on implementation of an agreement with the Government of Qatar has taken place at the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population (MoLMEP) in a videoconferencing format, according to the MoLMEP press center.  

The meeting was reportedly presided over by Deputy Minister of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population, Ms. Shahnoza Nodiri, and its participants exchanged views on stabilization of the labor market and creation of the necessary conditions for comfortable work of Tajik migrants in Qatar.  

They also discussed issues related to organized recruitment, simplification of registration of Tajik migrants wanting to work in Qatar.

It was noted that issues of protection of rights of labor migrants, knowledge of Arabic or English and qualifications of workers were of important significance.  

Qatar reportedly offers Tajik migrants work in construction and tourist sectors as well as in the sphere of social services.  

Taking into consideration the coronavirus pandemic, officials of the two countries have reportedly agreed to develop the bilateral plan of actions in the near future.  

Recall, Tajikistan and Qatar signed a protocol of cooperation on labor migration from Tajikistan to Qatar on April 27, 2012.  The document was signed during a session of the bilateral working group in Dushanbe in Dushanbe. 

On February 3, 2019, Tajikistan and Qatar signed on an agreement on the regulations of workers recruitment from Tajikistan to work in Qatar.  The agreement that was signed in Doha includes the procedures and regulations of workers’ recruitment, in addition to the formation of a joint committee between the two sides to be held annually, to facilitate the recruitment procedures between the two countries.