A report released by the Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team (REACT) notes that the torrential rains of May 7-12 triggered floods, landslides and mudflows in many of the country’s districts.

The largest number of losses and destructions were reportedly faced by districts and cities of Khatlon province.  Disasters affected Kulob city and districts of Vakhsh, Abdurahmoni-Jomi, Vose, Shamsiddin-Shohin, Yovon, Dousti, Muminobod, Qushoniyon, Danghara and Khuroson.

Assessment reports confirm the destruction of at least 128 houses and significant damage to around 400 houses.  Damages caused by disasters to private and social infrastructure have disrupted the livelihoods of over 14,500 people. 

The Government of Tajikistan has activated an Inter-Agency Commission on Emergency Situations (Commission) in each disaster-affected district.

Furthermore, Emergency Operations Centers have been set up in each disaster-affected district, which collected and analyzed relevant information and coordinated the relevant response activities.

Government has reportedly agreed on standard design of house to be constructed for families in need of housing.  The estimated cost of such house is around 280,000 somonis (TJS).  Apart from construction materials, different government and non-government entities (ministries, agencies and companies) have volunteered to support population in construction of houses.

The disasters reportedly affected districts to a varying degrees, causing different levels of damage.    

The city of Kulob is considered as one of the worst affected areas. Government Assessment Teams have reportedly identified over 41 destroyed houses and over 850 households as affected and in need of assistance there.  

In Vakhsh district, the reports indicate that mudflows affected over 180 households and left 45 households homeless in three villages.  Crops on over 1000 ha of land have been destroyed as significant damage has been caused to irrigation canals and roads.

In Abdurahmni-Jomi district, earth motion reportedly destroyed 32 houses and partially damaged 157 another households.

In Shamsiddin-Shohin district, only one family has reportedly been displaced by the mudflow, while another 30 households suffered damage to their property.  Significant damages were caused to the social infrastructure,

Mudflows also caused damage to households and social infrastructure in Vose, Dousti, Yovon, Danghara and Muminobod districts.